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30 euro leave in hair cream, does it work? Kiehls Strengthening and Hydrating 

Oh God how much I was gone? Yeah well, things has changed, you probably see if you’re not new here. I’m still trying to find the right formula for the menu categories but wait, about changes we’ll talk in another article, I’m here to say everything about my experience with ✏ Kiehls Strengthening and Hydrating oil-in-cream, Daily Leave In for dry, damaged hair! 


I was in the shop with other thoughts BUT I left with this:

I had some time searching for a leave in conditioner, but no one ever stick to my hands. When I saw it in there, looking at me with sweet puppy eyes, I said to myself.. I need this in my life. Ok! The story was a little bit different but this is the way I see it now!:))

From that moment I used it every time after washing my hair. On the bottle you can find written directions on how to use it, so here we go: ” After shampooing hair, dispense a small amount into the palm of your hand. Apply to wet or damp hair starting at the ends and working upward thoughout the length of hair. Do not rinse. Style as usual. May be used daily.

The principal ingredients of this Kiehls Strengthening and Hydrating leave in cream is Olive Fruit and Avocado Oils. Also is silicone-free and paraben-free wich is great. They say is rich in lipids helping to rebuild hair strength. The cream will penetrate the hair fibers, repairing dry damaged hair giving shine and a healthy balance.


Even though “parfum/fragrance” is no. 8 in the total of 12 ingredients, the scent of this cream is soft and natural. Me and my hair loves it.
My Experience  

Honestly, first time when I apply it: OMG OMG my hair was sooo damn’ soft, untill the next wash. What I did then: I washed my hair, after I kept it 10 min in towel, I directly applied the cream. At first I was thinking I put too much, because my hair was a little bit sticky ( is not the right word but somehow it is, I don’t know exactly how to explain the way my hair felt like) and I decided to let it dry naturally. Looks like it was the best way I ever tried. The results were amazing. 

Next time when I used it, I tried to put less product and I let it dry naturally. I remember my hair was soft but not the same like the last time. Another time, I was in hurry so I had to dry my hair with, of course, the hairdryer. I never do it without using a heat protection spray so I applied it like usually. The results were terrible, my hair got a texture like wire, I couldn’t wait to wash it again. Anyway, with some hair oil I managed to solve the problem (but anyway, it was good to know).

Then, another time, I kept my hair too much in the towel so the ends started to get dry (but it was still damp, if you know what I mean). The second I started to apply, I regreted it. My hair got such a heavy look.

After all, I found the right way to do it and I’m definitely sure is not gonna work for everyone. My hair is long, wavy and dry at the ends. Maybe for straight/short/ curly hair the situation will be totally diferent.

Now, after all this time using it, I can give you some advices just in case you decide to spend 30 euros on this:

❌ Don’t use it if your hair is damp but your ends are starting to get dry (it will not work and your ends will get a heavy look)

❌ Don’t use it directly after you washed your hair, is better to keep it in towel for at least 5 minutes

❌ Don’t use other products after this (in my case, when I applied the L’Oréal Heat Protection Spray, my hair became like a wire. I don’t know if is because the L’Oréal formula is not getting along with the leave in cream, but I didn’t want to make other experiments)

❌ Don’t bring it to the roots if you don’t want oily hair after 1 day.

In the end of this review, I can say I’m not totally happy with this product. The price for 180ml (6.0 FL.oz.) is a little bit spicy so I expected to work easily, without so many failures.

Maybe is my hair fault, I don’t want to generalize because you know the beauty game: what works for me may not work for you and the reverse.

I don’t have any complains about the effects. Once you make it work, you will see the results.

I hope you found this helpful and if you did, don’t be shy and let me know what you think in the comment section down below. Or better, tell me: Did you know about this product? Does it work for you?

2 thoughts on “30 euro leave in hair cream, does it work? Kiehls Strengthening and Hydrating 

  1. Nu am incercat produsul si nici nu pot sa spun ca ma atrage, dupa ce am citit reviewul tau. Eu imi usuc parul cu uscatorul (nimeni nu isi doreste sa ma vada cu el uscat natural) si vad ca nu prea are rezultate bune. Bine ca ai facut review, ca vreau sa ajung la magazinul lor si sigur imi sclipeau ochii dupa asa ceva 😀

    1. Eh, uite cine știe engleză. 😄 Trebuia să pun și partea în română dar n-am mai avut timp (stau foarte prost cu timpul în ultima vreme) și am publicat așa. Chiar mă așteptam la mult mai mult de la 30 €. Oricum, e bun când nu trebuie să folosesc uscătorul sau când mi-e lene să aplic altceva.. Anyway, nu mă las bătută și tot îmi mai cumpăr eu câteva ceva de la ei, neapărat uleiurile de față zi și noapte!:)) pup u:*

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